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Franchise F.A.Q.


How much capital do I need?

You will need $29,000 (US) to purchase your franchise. You will need a total of $40,000 to $80,000 to acquire, equip and staff your office and to offer services for the first year. The capital needed is a function of the market penetration and local economies.

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Do I have a protected territory?

Yes. You are protected by the Company and the Franchise Agreement through a long-term contract.

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What kind of experience is most helpful to a Fire Ant Solutions franchisee?

Familiarity with business management and local marketing is very helpful. Any type of pest control background would also be helpful. However, any person with good business experience would be a franchise candidate.

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Can I operate another business in addition to a Fire Ant Control franchise?

In some cases, yes. As with any venture, you need to ask if your current business is compatible and whether the combination of activities causes any actual or perceived conflict of interest, ethical concerns or legal breaches.

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Where will training take place?

Initial training will take place at our national office in Texas. Optional training can be scheduled at your office on a consulting basis, if needed.

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How much is the royalty?

The royalty is a stair-cased system based on annual sales and are payable monthly. There is a six (6) month royalty waiver in the beginning and a minimum monthly royalty is assessed each franchisee.

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Do I need an office?

No. Fire Ant Solutions does not require that you operate out of an office unless you become an Area Developer with multiple territories.

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What do I do next?

We encourage you to complete and submit a Request for Consideration or contact our office for more information.
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