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When you hire FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS, one of our highly trained specialists will work closely with you, bringing our 20 years of experience to resolve your fire ant infestation problem. Do not compromise with other fire ant remedies.


Case StudiesDo these stories sound familiar?

FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS has provided custom care for different types of properties for over 20 years. Please contact us for a free estimate designed to solve your problem.



The Ritter family contacted FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS in the fall of 2005 regarding an infestation at their home on over an acre of land. The couple enjoy spending time working in their yard and playing with their two boys outdoors and in the family pool. 

They wanted to treat the infestation but were concerned about the safety of products available in stores. With a family chicken coop on the property, they wanted an effective solution, but it had to be safe for those who would eat the eggs.

“When I first bought our house about 5 years ago, one of my first concerns was how to control the outbreak of fire ants we were dealing with. I was new to Hill Country and I asked around and heard many positive things about ‘The Fire Ant Man’. My curiosity was struck by his name alone. I called and scheduled our first treatment.”


We evaluated their residence and also found ants in the play yard and animal areas. We treated the property with our pool area custom blend program and our special animal blend.

We made sure they understood the procedures by taking the time to explain what the treatments involved, their safety and what the expected results would be. We also reminded them of the treatment schedules by calling beforehand so they could be prepared to expect us.

The Ritter family has enjoyed living without fire ants ever since.


“We have been very satisfied with the professional and friendly service over the last 5 years. They have always called before coming out to treat and have never hesitated from coming back out to re-treat if we had any concerns. My family has enjoyed so much being able to play in the yard and not worry about being bitten by ants. Texas is known for being fire ant country. I am just so thankful and appreciative that my little part of Texas is not living up to its fire ant reputation. I would recommend Fire Ant Solutions to anyone without any hesitation.

“Thank you for your years of dedicated service and attention.” 

The Ritter Family
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Kerrville ISD had fire ant infestation in a large area including the school’s outdoor eating areas, playgrounds and athletic fields. Because of this problem, parents had become concerned for the safety of their children while at school.

All this time, they had been combating fire ants the traditional way—just living with them as a matter of Texas fact.


Finally, Mr. Bill Taylor, the maintenance supervisor hired FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS to treat their fire ant infestation with a custom treatment program. To avoid disrupting students and staff, treatments were scheduled on weekends when school was not in session.

We also reminded staff so they could be prepared for the regularly scheduled treatments, carried out for three of the district schools. After two seasons of remarkable results, Mr. Bill Taylor increased the service territory to the other schools.

“We, at Kerrville ISD, have been combating the Red Imported Fire Ant as long as they have been in this part of Texas. While trying to resolve this ongoing problem on our campuses, we made contact with Fire Ant Solutions several years ago and we have never looked back.”


“Over the past years, they have saved us time, paperwork, product, labor and equipment use, which equals money saved. Fire Ant Solutions customized fire ant program gives us all peace of mind in that we do not have to worry about any problems from concerned parents. All we have to do is call Fire Ant Solutions and we know our fire ant problems will be resolved... They even called us from Europe to ask if we had any new areas of infestation and to confirm the schedule of our next seasonal treatment date.
“Also, we appreciate the fact that they treat the school campus properties on weekends when school is not in session. All we can say is that we are very pleased with their service and glad that we found them. We would definitely recommend them for any type of fire ant problems.”  

Mr. Bill Taylor
Kerrville ISD
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Mr. Gregory Tatsch, owner of Vintage Farm, asked FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS for a quote, since fire ants caused him and his family a lot of problems.

He experienced an allergic reaction from being frequently stung by fire ants. His daughter’s pigeons were being attacked by the ants. And his livestock was being harmed.

“One year we raised 50 wild-type turkeys and released them on the farm. Many stayed on and the following year we had several hens trying to set nests on the ground. The fire ants attacked their eyes, causing them to go blind. When we found a dead newborn lamb or llama the ants were already all over them. We were suspicious they may have been killed by fire ants.

During this time our school-age daughter had a flock of Rolling Pigeons (backward somersaults in mid-air!) housed in a coop we built in the loft of our barn. We all derived great pleasure watching them. Before long fire ants were killing the hatching squabs before they could even fully exit their shells. Many nests were abandoned before the eggs hatched due to fire ant harassment of the setting adults.”

They also experienced frequent malfunctions in outside electrical connections which required expensive service calls. It also became serious when visitors got stung. The infestation became so bad that they could not even rest a hand against a tree trunk without getting stung.


After an evaluation of the extent of the infestation, we recommended that the property undergo a treatment program with a customized blend that targeted the property’s particular requirements. We treated all the acreage around the house, barns and equipment shed.

Mr. Tatsch has been a loyal client ever since.



The first treatment had remarkable results. After the second treatment, no active mounds could be found in the treated area.

“In desperation, about 14 years ago we had Fire Ant Solutions treat our corral and all of the acreage around our home, barns, and equipment shed. Within weeks the incidence of fire ant problems was greatly abated. After the second treatment we never again saw an active mound in the treated area! We don't feel we've lost any baby livestock due to fire ants during the past 14 years and never have fire ant related electrical problems anymore. Best of all, we can’t even remember the last time any of us got stung!

“Needless to say, we are more than pleased with the service provided by Fire Ant Solutions. The owner personally oversees our account. He is a caring Christian professional and with our automatic twice-a-year scheduling, we don't have to call or even be around to be assured our fire ant problems remain a thing of the past on this farm. The fact that the material used is approved by the EPA as safe for animals, environment and people is also important to us... thanks to Fire Ant Solutions, we remain victorious!”

Mr. Gregory Tatsch
Vintage Farm
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