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"When we lived in the country and worked in the garden and flowerbeds, we were always encountering fire ants. Over 15 years ago we started having FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS come twice a year to treat the property and they virtually eliminated the fire ant problem. We recently moved to town but not away from fire ants. We continue to have FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS come to our house in town on a regular basis. I have found JB to be honest and reliable and would recommend him to anyone with a fire ant problem."

Babs Parrott
Fredericksburg, TX


"We moved to the Hill Country from Pennsylvania. Fire ants were something we did not have in the Northeast, so when we realized that our rocky terrain was a haven for fire ants we were led straight to Fire Ant Solutions. The recommendation paid off. Since then, our troubles are taken care of promptly and efficiently. Now I can work in my garden without fear."

Delia Hunt


"For the first couple of years we inhabited our new home on 14 acres near Fredericksburg, fire ants were most unfriendly. They invaded our garden, attacked our horses and generally made themselves at home wherever they decided to.

Luckily, we soon discovered Fire Ant Solutions and they banished the little pests from our lives – for good. Their semi-annual treatment, safe for horses, garden, cats, dogs, the occasional skunk and porcupine and ever-present deer, simply made them disappear.

Over the last eight years, we have seen no serious sign of fire ants. We certainly recommend Fire Ant Solutions and their environment-safe remedies to anyone troubled with fire ants."

George Arnold


"Fire Ant Solutions has protected my family and our property from the vicious fire ants for years. Years ago, as a single grandmother raising a young grandson, I was inundated with lots of little boys who loved any kind of outdoor activity. My grandson was allergic to fire ants so I called Fire Ant Solutions. That summer, my yard was home base for boys playing waffle baseball and golf, cowboys, wrestling in the grass and collapsing on my fire-ant-free grass after neighborhood bike rides—waiting for Grandma to serve lemonade.

Later, I moved my family to the country after my new, late-in-life groom promised to continue saving us from fire ants. Fire Ant Solutions services were part of our ‘pre-nup.’ So instead of little boys rolling safely on my lawn, we’ve had raccoons, possums, barn cats, deer, occasional cows, family dogs and a couple of skunks. And, because we are fire-ant-free, our lawn has hosted wedding receptions, wedding showers, baby showers, graduation parties, numerous birthday parties, Boy Scout campouts and general family gatherings.

And, I don’t even have to make a phone call or keep up with appointments. Fire Ant Solutions just shows up when the time, weather and season are right, do their thing and leave the bill on the front door knob.

It doesn’t get much better!!! Thanks, Fire Ant Solutions!!"

Gus and Liz Eberle



"Thank you for the more than 6 years of service by your company, Fire Ant Solutions.

When we first began to use your service, our property was covered by countless fire ant colonies. Of particular concern was the presence of fire ants near the cabin we operate as a Bed & Breakfast and the possibility that our guests might encounter them. Happily, with the clockwork-like service of your company, we no longer have that issue and are fire ant free.

Additionally, we appreciate the peace of mind that goes with knowing that the EPA has approved the treatment you offer and that it is safe for our pets as well as us. 

My husband and I would be pleased to recommend your service to anyone."

Jan and Brett Bruster


"American Bank of Texas has used Fire Ant Solutions to control fire ants on our property which consists of a total of 3 acres. Control of fire ants is very important to us as we have used our property for the bank’s annual “Hamburger Supper” party attended by 2,000 customers and cannot afford to have customers bitten by fire ants.

We have been very pleased with the results of Fire Ant Solutions treatments and the professionalism of this service and would highly recommend it to you."

Brad Hardin
Market President / American Bank of Texas, N.A.


"In the early 80’s we moved here from the Northeast and opened Fonder Chiropractic. We quickly became aware of the Red Imported Fire Ant by the painful stings we received. We tried to resolve this infestation problem over several years with natural and safe remedies with little success. Then one of my patients, who owned Fire Ant Solutions, told me about his semi-annual program that was structured similarly to the programs recommended by major Southern state universities. 

Since then, my family and I have been able to enjoy our acreage without any discomfort from the nasty fire ant stings. I recommend Fire Ant Solutions and their professionalism as a fire ant solution. 

After seeing the successful results of their program we incorporated their program onto our business practice property while also minimizing our legal liability to our patients. It is important that my patients, who are usually moving slowly and in pain, be assured that they will not have to encounter the stings of the fire ants that could cause allergic reactions."

Dr. James P. Fonder
Fonder Chiropractic
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"I have used the services of Fire Ant Solutions, for many years. Fire ants are more than a nuisance to our operation. They are very dangerous. The specter of fire ants attacking a young horse is not pretty and it could be fatal. Fire Ant Solutions treats a large percentage of our 176 acres. The treatments have been very effective. They treat a multitude of areas; barn, pastures, house and feed area. The treatments are environmentally safe. We don’t even have to take the horses off the pasture and have never had any issues.

Fire Ant Solutions and their crew have always been highly professional. I can highly recommend both the treatment and the crew!"

Mike Grossman
Eureka Thoroughbred Farm


"Thank God for Fire Ant Solutions,

We first tried some other pest control companies. They all had different excuses. We lived too far out in the country, could not guarantee results, they did not have the equipment to treat the amount of acreage we wanted treated.

Then we were told about Fire Ant Solutions from our neighboring ranch foreman. We have now used their custom treatment program for about four years and have been extremely pleased. They call when it’s time to treat, show up on time, use environmentally safe products and do a very thorough job. I’m especially pleased with the care they take when working around our animals (horses, cattle and dogs). I never worry about gates being left open or any of the critters being disturbed.

Best of all, our fire ants are under control and now we and our animals enjoy our land without the fear of fire ants."

Jeri Vaughn
Canyon Creek Ranch


"We have been using Fire Ant Solutions to rid our horse fields of fire ants for over 8 years. When Fire Ant Solutions began their treatment procedure our fields were covered with fire ant mounds. The horses were experiencing severe stings that kept them from being ridden on occasion. Foals often lay in fire ant mounds and were stung severely. We would not even let our granddaughter go into the fields and play.

Since then Fire Ant Solutions custom treats our property twice a year. We very seldom see a mound. Fire ants are the furthest thing from our mind now. Thanks, Fire Ant Solutions!"

John Merritt
John Merritt Homes
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