It all began with a nasty little sting…

James Tobias

James B. Tobias - President of Fire Ant Solutions, Inc

FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS is owned and managed by James (JB) Tobias, who was raised in California in the ‘60s and served in the United States Marine Corps for six years. After running his own consulting firm in the Bay Area for fifteen years, he and his family moved to Texas in 1986 where they personally experienced the nasty stings of this vicious fire ant.

When he inquired about this ant, he was told, “Texans just live with them”. He soon found it was one of the biggest insect problems Southern States must face. At that point, he decided to resolve this hazardous nuisance.

After studying the lifestyle and habits of this interesting ant, JB became licensed with the Texas Department of Agriculture. He has a Nursery/Floral Certification and has also been registered with the State of Texas Structural Pest Control Board. He started advertising as the Fire Ant Man, specializing in the removal of the Red Imported Fire Ant. Since then his phone has never stopped ringing and JB has come to be known as the “Fire Ant Man”. The business has expanded tremendously; he has taken it to the next level and formed the franchise, FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS.

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  1. John Mingus says:

    Great job – keep up the good work!