Why Our Franchise?

Business can be a scary thing if you don’t know what you are doing. We believe that FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS can minimize that fear and put you on the road to success. We have 20 years experience behind us and will share what we know when you join our franchise family.

The FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS franchise has mastered a very flexible plan that can allow you the freedom to work your business as little as three or four months a year or full time. You choose how hard you want to work and how much money you want to make. Whichever way fits for you, we are there to coach you every step of the way.

‘A recent Gallup Poll of franchisees found that more than 94 percent considered themselves successful and that more than 75 percent would buy their franchise again if they had it to do over. The same poll also found that the average pre-tax gross income was $124,290.’ ‘In summary, the primary reason you should buy a franchise as opposed to starting up a non-franchise new business, is to minimize risk and enhance your chances of success.’ These are quotes from the article, ‘Why Buy a Franchise’. Click here to read more.

Check out more details at FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES to see if we are a fit for you!

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