Here at FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS (FAS), we strive to be in integrity in all that we do. Our owner and CEO has set that example as ‘The Fire Ant Man’ while working with his private business accounts since 1991. We choose to work with our franchisees and others that have the same values. This brings to mind an incident that illustrates the principle of high integrity.

While working with his ‘Fire Ant Man’ accounts, James (JB) Tobias and an employee were on their way back to the office thinking they were finished and discussing their day. JB realized that, at one of the properties, they had inadvertently missed treating a small section on that property. Being more than 30 miles away, they turned around and finished the treatment. It did not matter that no one would have known the difference or that the treatment would have still been successful. What mattered was that they had given their word to do that small section along with the rest of the area. What they did not expect was that the owner was at the property when they returned and wanted to know why they had come back. They explained and have since been blessed with many referrals and an even more loyal customer base.

The lesson learned here is how important it is to follow through and stand by your word. It has been a great example to other employees as well. There is no question as to doing the right thing in these organizations and the rewards in doing so radiate throughout the companies.

Interested in owning a FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS franchise and working with people of high integrity? Please check out the information at the About Us, Our Service and Franchise Opportunities sections of our website.

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