FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS (FAS) is especially looking forward to adding many veterans to our franchise family, as our president served in the US Marine Corps. Did you know that retired military make up 20% of new franchise owners? They are team players, as well as being driven and good leaders that follow systems that are in place. FAS offers a very reasonable financial investment, hands on training and coaching.

We find that owning your own business in your local area, with the backing of the company’s more than 20 years experience, is like a dream come true. FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS has worked out all the ‘bugs’ (so to speak) for your business in fire ant control to prosper at a faster rate than trying to start up a new business on your own. Being a specialist in the eradication of fire ants in your community is not only profitable, it also contributes to a safe environment as an invaluable service.

Click here for an informative video from MSNBC Your Business about veterans and franchises.

Interested in a franchise? Please check out the FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES section of our website.

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