Great Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We focus on three (3) things to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied and eager to share their experience with others.

1) We are quick to respond so that the infestation does not overtake the property. (A fire ant queen lays an average of 1600 eggs per day!)

2) We have highly trained customer-driven, specialists and we offer reasonable pricing.

3) We listen to our customer’s concerns, use a custom blended safe product and guarantee our results.

It really comes down to asking ourselves how we would want to be treated if we called a company because we needed help with our fire ant problem. We would want someone that was available right away, that was a specialist to insure the job would be done correctly and yet not cost an ‘arm and a leg’! We would want someone to listen and to understand what we needed. And have a guarantee that would give us confidence that it would be ‘a job well done’. At Fire Ant Solutions that is the way we do business.

For more information, please visit the Our Service section and Testimonials on our website.

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  1. Keep functioning ,fantastic job!