Licensed Specialists

FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS is operated by licensed and trained professionals who are required by each state to keep up-to-date with industry information and maintain their license through CEU courses.

In order to own a FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS franchise, you must meet all the pest control license requirements in your state. Many states require a certain amount of classroom training and the completion of an apprenticeship before you will be eligible to take the exam. Testing and licensing for pest control extermination varies from state to state. At least 10 hours of educational training is needed before taking an exam.

In addition to passing a state exam, you may also have to pass a state criminal check to get your license for pest control service. Contact your state’s pest control licensing board for more information about certification and training needed prior to testing.

We have specialized in the eradication of the Red Imported Fire Ant since 1991 and have printed a booklet: “Controlling The Red Imported Fire Ant”.

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