Why Our Franchise?

Business can be a scary thing if you don’t know what you are doing. We believe that FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS can minimize that fear and put you on the road to success. We have 20 years experience behind us and will share what we know when you join our franchise family.

The FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS franchise has mastered a very flexible plan that can allow you the freedom to work your business as little as three or four months a year or full time. You choose how hard you want to work and how much money you want to make. Whichever way fits for you, we are there to coach you every step of the way.

‘A recent Gallup Poll of franchisees found that more than 94 percent considered themselves successful and that more than 75 percent would buy their franchise again if they had it to do over. The same poll also found that the average pre-tax gross income was $124,290.’ ‘In summary, the primary reason you should buy a franchise as opposed to starting up a non-franchise new business, is to minimize risk and enhance your chances of success.’ These are quotes from the article, ‘Why Buy a Franchise’. Click here to read more.

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Here at FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS (FAS), we strive to be in integrity in all that we do. Our owner and CEO has set that example as ‘The Fire Ant Man’ while working with his private business accounts since 1991. We choose to work with our franchisees and others that have the same values. This brings to mind an incident that illustrates the principle of high integrity.

While working with his ‘Fire Ant Man’ accounts, James (JB) Tobias and an employee were on their way back to the office thinking they were finished and discussing their day. JB realized that, at one of the properties, they had inadvertently missed treating a small section on that property. Being more than 30 miles away, they turned around and finished the treatment. It did not matter that no one would have known the difference or that the treatment would have still been successful. What mattered was that they had given their word to do that small section along with the rest of the area. What they did not expect was that the owner was at the property when they returned and wanted to know why they had come back. They explained and have since been blessed with many referrals and an even more loyal customer base.

The lesson learned here is how important it is to follow through and stand by your word. It has been a great example to other employees as well. There is no question as to doing the right thing in these organizations and the rewards in doing so radiate throughout the companies.

Interested in owning a FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS franchise and working with people of high integrity? Please check out the information at the About Us, Our Service and Franchise Opportunities sections of our website.

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FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS (FAS) is especially looking forward to adding many veterans to our franchise family, as our president served in the US Marine Corps. Did you know that retired military make up 20% of new franchise owners? They are team players, as well as being driven and good leaders that follow systems that are in place. FAS offers a very reasonable financial investment, hands on training and coaching.

We find that owning your own business in your local area, with the backing of the company’s more than 20 years experience, is like a dream come true. FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS has worked out all the ‘bugs’ (so to speak) for your business in fire ant control to prosper at a faster rate than trying to start up a new business on your own. Being a specialist in the eradication of fire ants in your community is not only profitable, it also contributes to a safe environment as an invaluable service.

Click here for an informative video from MSNBC Your Business about veterans and franchises.

Interested in a franchise? Please check out the FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES section of our website.

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Licensed Specialists

FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS is operated by licensed and trained professionals who are required by each state to keep up-to-date with industry information and maintain their license through CEU courses.

In order to own a FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS franchise, you must meet all the pest control license requirements in your state. Many states require a certain amount of classroom training and the completion of an apprenticeship before you will be eligible to take the exam. Testing and licensing for pest control extermination varies from state to state. At least 10 hours of educational training is needed before taking an exam.

In addition to passing a state exam, you may also have to pass a state criminal check to get your license for pest control service. Contact your state’s pest control licensing board for more information about certification and training needed prior to testing.

We have specialized in the eradication of the Red Imported Fire Ant since 1991 and have printed a booklet: “Controlling The Red Imported Fire Ant”.

Please visit the Our Service and Franchise Opportunities sections from our website.

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We were in Europe mid-January thru mid-March of 2010 doing some work on a different business and some missionary work. While we were there we heard that the weather in the Texas Hill Country had warmed up and there was a fire ant problem. Keeping with our schedule for ‘The Fire Ant Man’ business, we started calling our customers from Europe to check on them and set up their times for fire ant removal. We had to be careful of when to call because of the seven hour time difference. We were just taking care of business, no big deal. That is the way we do business, as we value each and every one of our customers.

Fire ant control service, for us, starts around mid-March and we were to be back close to that time. As we went out and eliminated the fire ants at the accounts that we had called from Europe, we found that our customers were telling people what we had done. They were impressed that ‘The Fire Ant Man’ took such special care of them. They have continued to bring up the subject and that makes us smile.

Fire Ant Solutions chooses franchisees with similar customer care values. We want others to enjoy this business as much as we have.

Check out more stories at the Testimonials section and for more information regarding business, go to the Franchise Opportunities section.

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WOW! Check out the hairy crazy ant story! And it was thought that fire ant control was tough! The extermination of these pests is costing thousands per year residentially and they can disable huge industrial plants and overwhelm beehives. It also looks like, if we eliminate fire ants, it could help with the extermination of this other ant. Click here for the hairy crazy ant story.

We are a complete fire ant control service and specialize in fire ant removal! We are also sharing our experience and knowledge with our franchisees!

For more details about us, please visit the Our Service, About Us and Franchise Opportunities sections on our website.

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Great Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We focus on three (3) things to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied and eager to share their experience with others.

1) We are quick to respond so that the infestation does not overtake the property. (A fire ant queen lays an average of 1600 eggs per day!)

2) We have highly trained customer-driven, specialists and we offer reasonable pricing.

3) We listen to our customer’s concerns, use a custom blended safe product and guarantee our results.

It really comes down to asking ourselves how we would want to be treated if we called a company because we needed help with our fire ant problem. We would want someone that was available right away, that was a specialist to insure the job would be done correctly and yet not cost an ‘arm and a leg’! We would want someone to listen and to understand what we needed. And have a guarantee that would give us confidence that it would be ‘a job well done’. At Fire Ant Solutions that is the way we do business.

For more information, please visit the Our Service section and Testimonials on our website.

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It all began with a nasty little sting…

James Tobias

James B. Tobias - President of Fire Ant Solutions, Inc

FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS is owned and managed by James (JB) Tobias, who was raised in California in the ‘60s and served in the United States Marine Corps for six years. After running his own consulting firm in the Bay Area for fifteen years, he and his family moved to Texas in 1986 where they personally experienced the nasty stings of this vicious fire ant.

When he inquired about this ant, he was told, “Texans just live with them”. He soon found it was one of the biggest insect problems Southern States must face. At that point, he decided to resolve this hazardous nuisance.

After studying the lifestyle and habits of this interesting ant, JB became licensed with the Texas Department of Agriculture. He has a Nursery/Floral Certification and has also been registered with the State of Texas Structural Pest Control Board. He started advertising as the Fire Ant Man, specializing in the removal of the Red Imported Fire Ant. Since then his phone has never stopped ringing and JB has come to be known as the “Fire Ant Man”. The business has expanded tremendously; he has taken it to the next level and formed the franchise, FIRE ANT SOLUTIONS.

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Did you know that…

  • When you purchase our franchise you get a successful and proven business model along with name recognition?
  • When you purchase our franchise you get a personalized training and support system?
  • Franchise businesses have grown 40% in the last decade and 40% of all new businesses are franchises.
  • Franchises produce 1 trillion dollars in annual revenue and 1/3 of all retail sales and services.
  • Retired military make up 20% of new franchise owners.
  • The U.S. Department of Commerce statistics show over 90% of franchises are still in operation after 10 years compared to just 18% for other forms of small businesses.

For more franchise information, please visit the Franchise Opportunities section from our website.

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